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Claudia M. Gyr

My journey started with an early interest and involvement
in the visual arts, followed by eastern and western
philosophies, mindfulness practices and various
psychotherapy approaches.
Shrine making fuses many of my lifelong interests
and in my work as a Arts Therapist I now offer shrine
making workshops combining creative processes with

I discovered that joy in life comes not so much from what I think I know but what I know I feel. Our hearts ‘voice’ is simple and clear if we take the time to notice its presence.
I invite you to explore shrine making as a
beautiful tool to bring heartfelt mindfulness into your daily
living. My hope is that your personal shrine will encourage
an ongoing creative dialogue with your heart and will
become a beautiful necessity in your life.

You can find out more about art therapy, individual sessions and workshops I offer on www.mullumbimbyarttherapy.com


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